Lageentubes has created its daring solution for Metallic tubes.

Lageentubes has created its breakthrough alternative solution for Metallic tubes.
Utilizing our new inline tube line which has the unique capability of combining hot stamping, flexo printing, silk screen-printing and varnishing all inline on the same printing platform, we can create the state-of-the-art tubes that rival the traditional metallic tubes.

This technologically advanced line for extruding tubes incorporates a unique and innovative method for full tube decoration, allowing for a wide range of decoration options utilizing the direct print method. The new “Metallic tube” has an extremely realistic appearance of metal on a plastic, and by adding a silk screened element, it can, create the tactile effect that will have your customers gravitating towards these tubes.

Since the decoration line is modular, this allows the order of the stations to be changed as dictated by the design, making the options become almost unlimited. We can over varnish or print on the varnish. According to desired graphic affect the hot stamping can be the first stage with or without printing on it or be the last stage based the graphic. The flexo station and the silk screen station can also be swapped depending upon the design. We can use the CMYK or Pantone colors if needed. Selective varnish can be used to achieve a contrasting effect of matte and glossy all on the same tube.

With this new decoration technology comes a very high level of precision, therefore the registration between the stations is very accurate. We can execute very exacting designs with precise consistency between the shades with repeatability.
By using the direct print we don’t use any glue or additional materials such as labels, thus decreasing the waste. This is in line with our company’s mandate to deliver to our customers the most environmentally friendly solutions possible, our commitment to the 3R’s (reduction, recyclability and reuse of material) is paramount to contributing globally to reduce carbon emissions within factories. We believe that innovation is important only if it adds real value for our customers. With our Fast Lane Development Process, we define and analyse the customers unique graphic needs, ensuring it’s feasibility within our decoration capabilities while providing the most efficient production path using our unique new line.