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CARELINE, a cosmetic and toiletries company, has chosen LAGEENTUBES’ 360˚ UNLIMITED DESIGN FREEDOM tubes for its CARELINE SPRING collection

CARELINE, a Cosmetic and toiletries company, who delivers a wide range of products to allow accessibility to each and every one, has chosen LAGEENTUBES’ 360˚ UNLIMITED DESIGN FREEDOM tube for its CARELINE SPRING hand cream collection.

CARELINE was inspired by the luxury concept stores for special treatment that delivers a gentle & feminine, as well as a revival atmosphere. CARELINE launched a full collection of spring designed tube packaging with different patterns of flowers.

LAGEENTUBES 360˚ UNLIMITED DESIGN FREEDOM technology allowed CARELINE’s designers to achieve a true all around continues decoration with no overlaps or gaps. . Additionally, CARELINE embraced the unlimited colors and shades to create a marvelous springish’ feeling.

Hadar Homossany, Marketing and Product Development at CARELINE said: “We chose this special design to convey to our consumers that they are choosing a perfect daily product with a good formulation quality. The 360˚ UNLIMITED DESIGN FREEDOM technology of LAGEENTUBES allowed us to physically create our vision without any limitations or decoration restrictions. Eventually, we have created a packaging that will stand out at the selling point and especially will be aligned with our slogan- For your own special day every day