22 12, 2022

Plastic squeeze tubes

22/12/2022|Sustainable Tubes|

Plastic squeeze tubes What Are the Benefits of Plastic Squeeze Tubes for Cosmetics Packaging? Packaging plays a major role in the success of your products. It impacts customer engagement, production costs, logistics, and other vital areas of your business. Plastic squeeze tubes offer a versatile and cost-effective option that can provide a wide range of

1 12, 2022



Come visit us at Paris Packaging Week 2023 on 25-26 of January at Paris Expo de Versailles, stand C170 We will present our LAGREEN tubes collection made from Eco- Friendly materials and a sustainable production process. Our team will be happy to assist and guide you in finding the smartest and the

28 11, 2022

Sustainable packaging

28/11/2022|Sustainable Tubes|

Sustainable packaging How Companies Can Create Sustainable Packaging for Their Products? Sustainability is one of the most important areas for companies to focus on today. They are facing increased regulations that include the requirements for all plastic packaging to include at least 30% recycled plastic. those requirements are growing every year. So, what is sustainable

17 05, 2022

PLMA’s 2022 World of Private Label Amsterdam – RAI Exhibition Centre 31/5 – 1/6/2022


Come and meet us at Hall 12 Stand NO. N-723 We are pleased to inform you that we will be participating in PLMA's 2022 "World of Private Label" International Trade Show in Amsterdam. Come and visit us at Hall 12, stand N-723, and explore our advanced packaging solutions and range of sustainable

28 10, 2021

Linearis from //polytype: Lageen Tubes, an important player in the European tube market, push the decoration of tubes to a new level


Lageen Tubes knows choosing the right equipment from the right supplier is the key to success. Read the article and find out the arguments for choosing a Linearis system from //polytype   Read the full article here!

14 10, 2021

LUXE PACK NEW YORK on October 27 and 28, 2021 at JAVIT’S CENTER- booth F15


  Meet us on Booth F15 on LUXE PACK New York We are pleased to inform you that we will be participating in LUXE PACK, a premier trade show dedicated to creative and innovative packaging. Visit us at booth F15 to see our advanced packaging solutions and discuss further details to see how our

30 09, 2021

Slowing Superbugs with the Help of Antimicrobial Packaging

30/09/2021|Decoration, Media|

Over the past year, we’ve all become much more aware of the need to protect ourselves from the  spread of airborne and surface-borne germs. It’s not just about COVID-19, which has changed our lives forever, but also about numerous threats that existed previously. Of major concern are superbugs – strains of viruses, bacteria, fungi

28 06, 2021

New PCR Tubes from LAGEENTUBES Reduce Environmental Footprint of Packaging

28/06/2021|Decoration, Media|

    Brands are under increasing pressure from consumers and authorities to improve the environmental profile of their packaging. As a result, many manufacturers have begun to restructure their packaging, to be in line with the 3 R'S pillars– Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Examples include cosmetics and skincare brands that are literally reducing packaging by

23 05, 2021

New Plant Manager and Upgraded Extrusion Line in LAGEENTUBES subsidiary in Bulgaria


We proudly announce our latest news of LS-TUBES, LAGEENTUBES subsidiary in Bulgaria. The factory expanding with a new plant manager(Georgi Hantov) and upgraded the 5-layer tube  extrusion line.   READ THE FULL ARTICLE IN WEBPACKAGING MAGAZINE>>>

5 05, 2021

LageenTube’s sugarcane derived PE products are the perfect match for Lavido


Lavido, a natural skin care line, needed a tube that was consumer-friendly and also helped reduce the carbon footprint of their Multi-Masking DUO product. They found the perfect solution in our fully recyclable, sugarcane derived tubes. These tubes are produced from PE resin, using 100% virgin PE derived from Sugarcane, a renewable source of

26 04, 2021

No Detail Overlooked: LAGEENTUBES Exceeds in Quality


  Quality and safety of our products is a key factor in the company’s foundation and success. We invite you to read the article about LAGEENTUBES' approach to quality. Thanks to our talented staff that possesses the know-how, we continuously improve our product offerings, processes, and services.   READ THE FULL ARTICLE IN

22 02, 2021



AGILE PRODUCTION, FAST TURNAROUND, AND RELIABLE DELIVERY   As digital printing continues to advance, the objects in which can be directly printed expand. Direct-to-object and direct-to-shape printers help facilitate this with devices designed to print to a variety of three-dimensional surfaces, including cylindrical shapes. The ability to offer a higher level of decoration for designs

22 02, 2021

Lageen Tubes unveils mono-material PE tubes


A new line of mono-material tubes made entirely of polyethylene (PE). With the tube body, head, and cap all made of PE, the entire tube can be recycled as a single unit. The new tubes are available in a range of lengths and diameters and with a choice of screw or flip-top caps made

7 12, 2020



  LAGEENTUBES provides not only a wide range of tube packaging solutions, but also takes an active part in various environmental activities. “PE tubes - recyclability and good practices in line with Plastics Packaging Strategy” was proudly presented by Mr. Piotr Landyczkowski, LAGEENTUBES’ CEE Sales Representative at the Experts Meeting “Inside the Plastic Strategy”

3 09, 2020


03/09/2020|Decoration, Media|

SIMSCREEN – AGILITY AND AFFORDABILITY FOR CHALLENGING TIMES LAGEENTUBES' SimScreen brings tube colors to life. Transparent or colored tubes offer some great advantages, but they have one major drawback:the limitations of offset ink typically require screen printing to achieve high-quality color and color accuracy, which can add

16 02, 2020



NOW YOU CAN ENJOY BOTH WORLDS TO EMPOWER YOUR BRAND LAGEENTUBES’ eco-friendly packaging with the newest cutting edge digital printing solution.

30 12, 2019

Come visit us at PCD Paris Stand A61


NOW YOU CAN ENJOY BOTH WORLDS TO EMPOWER YOUR BRAND LAGEENTUBES’ eco-friendly packaging with the newest cutting edge digital printing solution.

23 10, 2019

Come visit us at CPHI India 26-28 November – Stand No. 5.H11


Since 1967, LAGEENTUBES has been offering tailor-made, cutting edge aluminum packaging tube solutions for the leading pharmaceutical companies in over 30 countries across the globe. Providing the best quality aluminum tubes in the West, LAGEENTUBES caters the Indian pharmaceutical up-market industry that wants to grow their business in the Western world. Aluminum tubes for Pharmaceutical

18 05, 2019


18/05/2019|ExhibitionRaw material|

LAGEENTUBES is taking the next step towards a full Green Packaging Solution and proudly offers the innovative INNO-GREENPACK Tube made of PCR & SUGARCANE LAGEEENTUBES strives to supply the GREEN-FREEDOM solutions to its customers and keeps developing environmental products using ECO friendly materials and a sustainable production process. LAGEENTUBES is proud to be the first

7 05, 2019

AGILITY – The critical key success factor towards sales growth


The dynamic business arena dictates different pillars of generating sales: Be more creative and build an impactful brand Quick product development to cater the changing needs of the customer Efficient and agile supply chain The answer for those pillars is to adopt the Agility approach. LAGEENTUBES created for you a set of solutions that easily

21 05, 2019


21/05/2019|DecorationRaw material|

KEUNE, the leading Hair Cosmetics Company for Professionals, has chosen LAGEENTUBES’ Unique SOFT FEEL tube for its premium brand “Style” KEUNE wished to create a unique timeless look for the Style collection, and chose a clean design with SOFT FEEL sensation to serve their goals of creating a high end yet affordable product collection.

16 04, 2019

Come visit us at PLMA, Amsterdam Stand 808 Hall 12

16/04/2019|ExhibitionRaw material|

LAGEENTUBES is proud to offer its new PCR tube packaging catering to the GREEN-FREEDOM packaging solutions. Come and explore LAGEENTUBES’ GREEN-FREEDOM solutions at the PLMA- Amsterdam, 21-22 May Stand 808 Hall 12

16 04, 2019

Come visit us at Cosmetic Business, Munich Stand B19 Hall 2

16/04/2019|ExhibitionRaw material|

LAGEENTUBES is proud to offer its new PCR tube packaging catering to the GREEN-FREEDOM packaging solutions. Come and explore LAGEENTUBES’ GREEN-FREEDOM solutions at the Cosmetic Business, Munich 5-6 June Stand B19 Hall 2

7 04, 2019

LAGEEN TUBES proudly offers Eco Friendly PCR TUBE Packaging

07/04/2019|Raw material|

DELIVERING THE BEST SOLUTIONS TO OUR CUSTOMERS, WHILST REDUCING OUR ENVIRONMENTAL CARBON FOOTPRINT & INCREASING OUR CUSTOMERS’ SOCIAL IMPACT. LageenTubes is proud to offer its new Post Consumer Resin (PCR) tube packaging strengthening our commitment to the GREEN-FREEDOM packaging solutions. The environmentally friendly PCR resin is made from recycled and cleaned milk containers and as

7 04, 2019

CARELINE, a cosmetic and toiletries company, has chosen LAGEENTUBES’ 360˚ UNLIMITED DESIGN FREEDOM tubes for its CARELINE SPRING collection


CARELINE, a Cosmetic and toiletries company, who delivers a wide range of products to allow accessibility to each and every one, has chosen LAGEENTUBES’ 360˚ UNLIMITED DESIGN FREEDOM tube for its CARELINE SPRING hand cream collection. CARELINE was inspired by the luxury concept stores for special treatment that delivers a gentle & feminine, as well

14 02, 2019

FLORAL STREET Fragrances Ltd launched it’s new bath & body collection

14/02/2019|Media, Raw material, Silk Screen|

FLORAL STREET Fragrances Ltd launched it’s new bath & body collection with the environmentally friendly SUGARCANE tubes packaging by LageenTubes. FLORAL STREET, a cutting edge UK fragrance brand inspired by modern, urban culture, has chosen for their new bath & body collection, an innovative tube sleeve made out of 100% sustainable SUGARCANE bioplastic PE. The

20 01, 2019

Visit us at Packaging Innovations Birmingham 2019 stand C23

20/01/2019|Decoration, Digital, Exhibition, Media, Raw material|

Discover a whole new world of tube decoration. We're proud to introduce our SUSTAINABLE DIGITIZED TUBE made of Sugarcane PE with direct End-to-End digital printing. Packaging Innovations 27-28 February 2019, NEC Birmingham, stand C23 Contact Us UK & Ireland Sales Agent- Rob Thompson Phone: +44 (0) 1424 219 129 Mobile: +44(0)

23 12, 2018


23/12/2018|Decoration, Digital, Media, Raw material|

Now, for the first time in the world of cosmetics packaging, LAGEENTUBES introduces a revolutionary new direct Digital Printing process on GREEN Plastic Tubes. The freedom to design whatever you want using the latest in digital printing technology for cosmetics tubes is now available on our sustainable eco-friendly tubes – GREEN FREEDOM is now available

12 11, 2018

New SoftFeel™ Effect for skincare tube packaging

12/11/2018|Decoration, Flexo, Media|

LAGEENTUBES is launching the new LOOK & FEEL series for skincare tube packaging. Now with the SOFT FEEL surface you can provide your customer with a unique soft touch sensation that demonstrates the softness of the cream inside the packaging. Imagine a silky & gentle feel, on top of a clean, luxurious decorated tube to

12 11, 2018

Come visit us at CPHI India 12-14 December – Booth No. 8.R01

12/11/2018|Decoration, Exhibition, Media|

Come visit us at CPHI India 12-14 December - Booth No. 8.R01 Global & US/Canada Sales Manager: Iftach Shachar- yiftach@lageen.com India Sole agent & distributer: S. Zhaveri Pharmkem Pvt. Ltd.- info@szhaveri.net +91-22-4367-6666

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