14 02, 2019

FLORAL STREET Fragrances Ltd launched it’s new bath & body collection

14/02/2019|Media, Raw material, Silk Screen|

FLORAL STREET Fragrances Ltd launched it’s new bath & body collection with the environmentally friendly SUGARCANE tubes packaging by LageenTubes. FLORAL STREET, a cutting edge UK fragrance brand inspired by modern, urban culture, has chosen for their new bath & body collection, an innovative tube sleeve made out of 100% sustainable SUGARCANE bioplastic PE. The

30 01, 2018

Press Release- LAGEENTUBES is expanding to Europe

30/01/2018|Decoration, Dry Offset, Hot Stamping, Media, Silk Screen|

Press Release: LAGEENTUBES is expanding to Europe, establishing a new tube manufacturing plant in GABROVO, Bulgaria. LAGEENTUBES, a leading supplier of Plastic and Aluminum Tubes Packaging to the worldwide cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries for over 50 years, has established a new manufacturing plant for plastic tubes in Bulgaria. This investment is enhancing the company's

13 12, 2017

NEW! Peek-In cosmetic tube

13/12/2017|Decoration, Dry Offset, Hot Stamping, Media, Silk Screen|

NEW! Peek-In cosmetic tube - Create a window to your product LAGEENTUBES opens a whole new world of consumer experience with its unique Peek-In window tube design. Today’s consumers want to be part of the product experience from their first interaction. They want reassurance about what they’re buying, how the product looks, and

29 10, 2017

“GA-DE”, the well-known brand of cosmetic and makeup products, has chosen LAGEENTUBES’ unique decorated PE tube for its new line of “ICON- INSTINCT”

29/10/2017|Decoration, Flexo, Hot Stamping, Media, MetallicPlast, Silk Screen|

“GA-DE”, has chosen LAGEENTUBES to be their partners in their new launch of the “ICON INSTINCT” line. The “ICON INSTINCT” line by GA-DE must have a LUXURY & GLAMOUR look to emphasize the brand code of inspiring women to “feel the beauty”. The company is committed to deliver the best products that will

25 09, 2017

New Pick a Pack online design tool – Get a 360° view of your product – in 3D

25/09/2017|Decoration, Dry Offset, Flexo, Hot Stamping, MediaSilk Screen|

LAGEENTUBES is proud to announce Pick a Pack – A powerful, yet easy-to-use tool that will help you design the best-looking tube to support your product and brand.

4 07, 2017

LAGEEN Tubes at Cosmetic Business exhibition in Munich, June 21-22 2017

04/07/2017|Decoration, Dry Offset, Hot Stamping, Media, Raw material, Silk Screen|

LAGEEN Tubes proudly presented at the Cosmetic Business - Munich its latest innovation – the CrystalClear™ tubes. The CrystalClear™ tubes grant our customers the privilege to present highly transparent effect and achieve luxurious look & feel packaging. Printing patents allow you to also choose CrystalClear™ tube with 360° hot stamping with different colors and a

29 03, 2017

LAGENTUBES presents: The NEW “CrystalClear™” plastic tube for the cosmetics and personal care brands.

29/03/2017|Decoration, Dry Offset, Hot Stamping, Media, Raw materialSilk Screen|

The outstanding “CrystalClear™” PE tube delivers transparency that has never been seen before in the market. You can choose a fully transparent tube so your product can glow through the “CrystalClear™” tube, so the consumer can almost feel the bubbles on his/her skin. Printing patents allow you to also choose “CrystalClear™” tube with 360°

22 02, 2017

KEUNE, the leading Hair Cosmetics company for Professionals, has chosen LAGEENTUBES’ Unique decorated PE tube for its premium brand “DESIGN”

22/02/2017|Decoration, Flexo, Hot Stamping, Media, Silk Screen|

KEUNE’ DESIGN color care and repair conditioners, designed especially for modern women who wish to design their hair by themselves and save precious time.

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