How Squeeze Tubes Provide the Best Packaging of Skin Care Products

The cosmetics market is one of the largest consumer product sectors, accounting for more than $80 billion each year. The companies behind skin health, haircare, make-up, and other products compete fiercely and are always moving forward. That includes finding the right methods for the packaging of skin care products and other creams and lotions – […]

How Tailor-Made Packaging Elevates Your Products

A product’s packaging plays a major role in its success or failure. It defines how your customers see your product on store shelves and how they use it in their everyday lives. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to packaging either. That’s why tailor made packaging from LAGEEN TUBES is the right choice to elevate your cosmetic, […]

Supply On Demand – LAGEENTUBES support ABACUS’ CBDMEDIC™ products sales growth

Abacus is developing a range of innovative products based on patent-pending technologies which combine natural and organic ingredients, including a cannabinoid-rich extract containing CBD from the Cannabis sativa L plant. A number of US retail chains, including Kinney Drugs, SuperValu, Tops Markets, and CVS have decided to recently launch CBD programs in thousands of stores, […]

New SoftFeel™ Effect for skincare tube packaging

LAGEENTUBES is launching the new LOOK & FEEL series for skincare tube packaging. Now with the SOFT FEEL surface you can provide your customer with a unique soft touch sensation that demonstrates the softness of the cream inside the packaging. Imagine a silky & gentle feel, on top of a clean, luxurious decorated tube to […]


Now, for the first time in the world of cosmetics packaging, LAGEENTUBES introduces a revolutionary new direct Digital Printing process on GREEN Plastic Tubes. The freedom to design whatever you want using the latest in digital printing technology for cosmetics tubes is now available on our sustainable eco-friendly tubes – GREEN FREEDOM is now available for you […]

FLORAL STREET Fragrances Ltd launched it’s new bath & body collection

FLORAL STREET Fragrances Ltd launched it’s new bath & body collection with the environmentally friendly SUGARCANE tubes packaging by LageenTubes. FLORAL STREET, a cutting edge UK fragrance brand inspired by modern, urban culture, has chosen for their new bath & body collection, an innovative tube sleeve made out of 100% sustainable SUGARCANE bioplastic PE. The […]

CARELINE, a cosmetic and toiletries company, has chosen LAGEENTUBES’ 360˚ UNLIMITED DESIGN FREEDOM tubes for its CARELINE SPRING collection

CARELINE, a Cosmetic and toiletries company, who delivers a wide range of products to allow accessibility to each and every one, has chosen LAGEENTUBES’ 360˚ UNLIMITED DESIGN FREEDOM tube for its CARELINE SPRING hand cream collection. CARELINE was inspired by the luxury concept stores for special treatment that delivers a gentle & feminine, as well […]

LAGEEN TUBES proudly offers Eco Friendly PCR TUBE Packaging

DELIVERING THE BEST SOLUTIONS TO OUR CUSTOMERS, WHILST REDUCING OUR ENVIRONMENTAL CARBON FOOTPRINT & INCREASING OUR CUSTOMERS’ SOCIAL IMPACT. LageenTubes is proud to offer its new Post Consumer Resin (PCR) tube packaging strengthening our commitment to the GREEN-FREEDOM packaging solutions. The environmentally friendly PCR resin is made from recycled and cleaned milk containers and as […]


KEUNE, the leading Hair Cosmetics Company for Professionals, has chosen LAGEENTUBES’ Unique SOFT FEEL tube for its premium brand “Style” KEUNE wished to create a unique timeless look for the Style collection, and chose a clean design with SOFT FEEL sensation to serve their goals of creating a high end yet affordable product collection. The […]