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When your tubes demand high-quality decoration, with consistent, finely detailed images and smooth solid colors across large areas, LAGEEN TUBES’ flexographic ( Flexo) printing is a perfect fit.

Flexo is a rotary printing technology in which ink is applied to various surfaces using a flexible rubber relief plate. Used widely across multiple industries for printing on non-porous substrates, it is fast and efficient, and it produces very high print quality.

With our flexographic printing equipment and expertise as an integral part of our in-house offering, we are uniquely capable of coping with complex designs. We excel in printing in high quality on white, natural and colored sleeves, including on a fully foiled substrate using our MetallicPlast decoration.

Versatile Printing

Ideal for a variety of sleeve materials, including mono layer, two layer and CO-EX, with various blends of LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, and sustainable materials like Sugarcane and PCR.

Can be combined with many of our other decoration technologies, including MetallicPlast and Hot Stamping.

Visible High Quality

High-resolution printing

Photorealistic images Vivid colors, with accurate color matching