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FLORAL STREET Fragrances Ltd launched it’s new bath & body collection

FLORAL STREET Fragrances Ltd launched it’s new bath & body collection with the environmentally friendly SUGARCANE tubes packaging by LageenTubes.

FLORAL STREET, a cutting edge UK fragrance brand inspired by modern, urban culture, has chosen for their new bath & body collection, an innovative tube sleeve made out of 100% sustainable SUGARCANE bioplastic PE.
The SUGERCANE tube is a unique development made by LageenTubes which caters to the sustainability need in the world, while still delivering all the qualities of a traditional plastic tube.

Floral Street’s founder Michelle Feeney said: “Never has it been more vital to address the global issue of plastics, which is why FLORAL STREET sought to utilize only the most innovative of bio-technologies to package the new bath and body collection”
The FLORAL STREET bath and body collection enjoys bold colourful tubes, which represent the essence of the flowers with a pure look achieved by usage of silk screens, and a durable packaging that is 100% recyclable.

The Bio-Plastic SUGARCANE tube is considered suitable to use as a primary packaging for Personal Care, Cosmetic and Pharmaceuticals products. Also, no new filling equipment or operational adjustments are needed.

LAGEENTUBES offer the SUGARCANE tube, a fully recyclable packaging, in all volumes from 20ml-250ml.