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With LAGEEN TUBES hot stamping, you can add an eye-catching effect anywhere on your tube, to highlight specific parts of the design, such as a logo, icon or even texts. It creates a uniquely luxurious look that elevates first impressions as well as the ongoing experience.

Hot stamping is a dry printing process in which a metallic or color pigment is transferred from a roll of foil to the tube surface. The foil is placed between a heated die and the tube surface. When the die is pressed down, the heat and pressure together transfer the foil to the tube, in the exact shape of the desired graphics or text. As a dry process, hot stamping is a clean and environmentally friendly method for adding attractive effects to tube packaging.

At LAGEEN TUBES, we offer a virtually unlimited range of foils to create varied effects, with the ability to print with hot stamping around the entire circumference of the tube.

Eye-Catching Effects

Metallic foil adds a shimmery look and is

available in varied shades Matte pigment foil adds both color and luster and is available in a wide range of tones

Varied Design Options

Ideal for any part of the tube artwork –

logos, icons, graphics, and text 360° hot stamping — Can be added anywhere on the tube