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How Squeeze Tubes Provide the Best Packaging of Skin Care Products

The cosmetics market is one of the largest consumer product sectors, accounting for more than $80 billion each year. The companies behind skin health, haircare, make-up, and other products compete fiercely and are always moving forward. That includes finding the right methods for the packaging of skin care products and other creams and lotions – and plastic squeeze tubes are often among the best.

Versatile Packaging for Cosmetic Products of All Kinds

One of the primary benefits of plastic squeeze tubes in the packaging of skin care products is the extensive range of products they account for. Skin lotions, face creams, eye creams, lipsticks, and countless other examples can take advantage of unique applicators. Customers enjoy convenient access to their products in a format that allows for incredible ease of use.

The versatility of skincare tubes packaging extends to more than just the variety of different products. The complete range of sizes that this packaging style covers means that your brand can adjust the packaging to meet specific needs and applications. Provide more options to your customers with standard, value, and travel sizes of your products – and grow sales across a broader consumer base.

Durability Across the Product’s Entire Lifecycle

Skin health and beauty products see regular use and need to stand up for the entire lifecycle of the product. Plastic squeeze tubes are strong and resilient, preventing unexpected breaks or leaks that could leave your customers deeply dissatisfied with your product. Instead, they know that they can rely on your product to remain in its packaging under any conditions – even on the go.

Maintaining integrity is just as important throughout the entire lifecycle, not just once the product is in your customer’s hands. Tube packaging holds up throughout the supply chain – during packaging and processing, shipping and handling, and on store shelves

This prevents leaks and contamination that could impact the quality of your product. Staying both air and water-tight ensures that your product maintains quality for its entire shelf life so that your customers don’t end up with dried-out or otherwise damaged products.

LAGEEN TUBES uses safe and stable polyethylene (PE) to ensure formula stability. This material doesn’t react with the compounds found in your products. It also provides excellent UV protection and moisture resistance, allowing for even longer shelf lives.

The structure of skin care tubes packaging provides further protection. Double seam closure and safety stops help prevent any kinds of contamination or leaks. You can also take advantage of tamper-proof seals to ensure the integrity of your products on store shelves. Both external sleeves over the head and internal membrane seals are available to tamper-proof your products.

Exceptional Opportunities for Design Impact

Packaging of skin care products must ensure that your products reach your customers with their quality intact. However, there’s more to packaging than that. You also need to ensure that your products stand out on store shelves and draw the attention of your target consumer base – and tubes provide the design versatility you need to do just that.

With LAGEEN TUBES, your brand has the full range of options it needs to stand out. Seamless 360-degree printing lets your design cover the entire tube, including the cap. You’re not restricted to simple text or logos – but can instead make use of photorealistic printing to truly capture your brand with a design that doesn’t compromise on any front.

This design freedom proves vital in cosmetic products, where alluring and distinct designs are needed to compete. These improvements in tube printing can let you achieve unparalleled design quality at much lower prices than glass packaging.

Sustainable Packaging for Your Brand

Consumers today are drawn to sustainable, green, and all-natural brands. You can ensure that your packaging stays in line with your sustainable brand values by taking advantage of the latest skin care tubes packaging options.

LAGEEN TUBES offers 50% post-consumer recycled blends for tube packaging that are highly sustainable without compromising on quality. Take eco-friendly even further with bio-plastic tubes made with PE resin derived from sugar cane. When you choose sustainable packaging options, you demonstrate a commitment to the environment – and that’s just what your customers are looking for.

Additional Skin Care Tubes Packaging Options

Plastic squeeze tubes aren’t the only option for skin health and beauty products. You can also make use of aluminum tubes for your products – providing many of the same durability and ease-of-use benefits as plastic. Your products will also benefit from the distinct metallic look provided by aluminum. These tubes are 100% recyclable and perfectly suited for the packaging of skin care products.

Elevate Your Cosmetic Product Packaging

Your brand needs every advantage to succeed in the competitive cosmetic products space. LAGEEN TUBES provides exceptional packaging of skin care products through an extensive line of strong, sustainable, and stylish squeeze tubes.

Differentiate your brand with the best in packaging durability, formula preservation, stylish branding, and sustainability with squeeze tubes uniquely suited to your products. Let LAGEEN TUBES handle your cosmetics product packaging needs and see the difference the right packaging can make.