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How Tailor-Made Packaging Elevates Your Products

A product’s packaging plays a major role in its success or failure. It defines how your customers see your product on store shelves and how they use it in their everyday lives. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to packaging either. That’s why tailor made packaging from LAGEEN TUBES is the right choice to elevate your cosmetic, personal care, hair care, oral care, pharmaceuticals, or food products.

Professional Design From Start to Finish

When you choose LAGEEN TUBES to provide your packaging, you’ll receive a truly tailor-made packaging solution uniquely suited to your needs. Our team works closely with you to carefully plan every detail of your packaging. These custom solutions ensure that your packaging suits your products in terms of both style and usability.

The extensive range of squeeze tube options provides something for any product or application. Starting from the basics, we’ll determine the right size and materials for your packaging. You can take advantage of any size squeeze tube, from small travel containers to large value sizes.

Our plastic squeeze tubes allow for the highest degree of tailor made packaging, with many details that can be adjusted to suit your product better. We’ll work closely with you throughout the design process to ensure that these elements match your needs perfectly.

Choosing the Optimal Material for Your Packaging

The right material plays an important role in the durability of your product’s packaging, formula stability, and brand perception. LAGEEN TUBES provides a range of plastic squeeze tube materials and constructions to meet any requirements.

A range of polyethylene (PE) variants offer the right characteristics for any use. High-density, low-density, and linear low-density PE are all perfectly suited to specific applications – and we’ll match the right one for your product. Our co-extruded tubes also feature between three and five layers for even greater strength and durability.

Sustainable materials options are also available. Post-consumer recycled blends are available, along with bio-plastic derived from renewable sugar cane. Mono-material construction tubes are also more easily recyclable after consumer use because they require no separation or sorting. You can choose tailor-made packaging options that show your customers how committed you are to sustainability.

Key Features of Your Plastic Squeeze Tubes

Your tailor made packaging design can include a wide range of additional features that improve customer experience and meet the needs of your unique application. These features can be included in a wide range of combinations to create truly unique tubes for your product.

There is an extensive range of applicators available to make your products easy to use for customers. Everything from hair care products to makeup and pharmaceuticals can be made easily accessible with the right applicator choice.

Packaging for your product can also take advantage of a wide variety of different caps. These can help establish a distinct shape for your packaging or improve storage, security, and use. Tamper-proof seals are available, too, both exterior plastic sleeves and internal membrane seals to keep the product secure and fresh.

Exceptional Design Print Quality

Along with the practical considerations that go into supporting your products, tailor-made packaging also includes ensuring the best in print quality and versatility. With LAGEEN TUBES, your print designs can take advantage of exceptional digital printing technology for the best possible results.

We can work with you to ensure that your brand graphics take full advantage of these features. We’ll help determine the right printing method and base tube color to let your design make the most impact on your customers while still reducing costs.

Full 360-degree printing lets you make use of seamless graphics that extend around the entire tube, including the cap. Once your design is ready, our experts ensure that the design rings true with skillful and precise batching to maintain consistent quality across all of your tailor made packaging.

Unique Design Opportunities

In addition to delivering exceptional quality, LAGEEN TUBES also makes a variety of highly unique design options possible. You can take advantage of many design features you would struggle to find elsewhere in order to really distinguish your product on store shelves.

Among these unique features is the ability to incorporate both matte and glossy printing within the same design. You can make your graphics pop so that your products are the first thing that customers notice on store shelves.

Hot stamping also lets you achieve a silky texture for your tailor-made packaging. This is perfect for high-end cosmetics, providing a luxurious and classy packaging option that’s much more cost-effective than glass and other options.

Tailor Made Packaging to Elevate Your Products

With all of these design parameters and style options, LAGEEN TUBES provides exceptional variety in tailor-made packaging. You can contact our team today to start the design process for truly unique packaging geared toward the unique requirements of your product and customer base.