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In recent years, metallic effects have been incorporated a wide range of packaging and products. The high-end sheen of gold, silver or bronze, or colored metals, has proven popular with consumers.

LAGEEN TUBES pioneered metallic effects for plastic tubes. Our MetallicPlast™ technology adds a premium touch to plastic tubes, creating a powerful visual differentiation for our customers’ products and brands.

We enable outstanding metallic visual effects on a standard PE tube by first applying a base foil hot stamp all over the surface. On top, we apply hybrid printing technologies, combining Flexo and/or Silk Screen with selective varnish. This gives the tube a shimmering, metal-like appearance while retaining all the flexibility and resilience of the underlying material.

A High-End Look

Applied to specific parts of the design,

MetallicPlast effects catch the eye and communicate high quality

Varied Design Options

Apply in any color, to any part of the design

Ideal for highlighting logos, icons and other graphical elements