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PE Extrusion

AL Impact Extrusion

PP/PE Injection molding




With more than 50 years of tube-making experience, LAGEEN TUBES is an expert in extrusion of plastics and has extensive extrusion capabilities. We use the highest-quality tube-making equipment, for optimum efficiency, reliability, and control.

The extruded tubes are manufactured, printed, and capped in-line. Special decorations such as silk screen printing and hot stamping are done in a secondary process to achieve better flexibility. This also allows different SKUs when using the same tube specifications.


Mono-layer, including LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, and combinations of these materials.

Multi-layer, including co-extruded two-layer for special color effects or co-extruded five-layer with EVOH for high-barrier applications.

Extruded tubes are available in white, transparent, or color-matched to the customer’s request.

With Our Advanced
In-House Technologies,

We Offer A Large Choice Of Tube Decoration Capabilities, Including Digital Print, Offset, Flexography, Silk Screening, And Hot Stamping.




LAGEEN TUBES’ impact extrusion equipment transforms the aluminum slug into the shape of a tube, in the required diameter and thread, while annealing the tube to make it malleable. The inner coating acts as a barrier, protecting the contents from direct contact with the aluminum container. A special lacquer is sprayed on the inside of the tubes as a barrier against aggressive materials. During each impact extrusion production run, the homogeneity of the layer is verified by an electric conductivity test, which takes a sample every hour.

We use the dry offset technique for printing up to four separate colors on top of the base coat, enabling any desired shade to be produced. In some diameters, the tube head and shoulders can also be coated with a base coat.

For some products, a fold sealant that acts as a barrier is required to prevent product seepage at the folded end of the tube and to prevent oxidation of the substance. In such cases, a narrow strip of latex is sprayed inside the open end of the tube.

For Capping, We Offer A Choice
Of Two Different Materials,

Hdpe (High-Density Polyethylene) Or Pp (Polypropylene).



LAGEEN TUBES has comprehensive in-house injection molding capabilities, which we have expanded and refined over the course of 50 years. To produce injected-molded tubes, plastic pellets are melted in an injection molding machine and then injected into a mold in the precise shape and diameter of the desired tube. Inside the mold, the plastic material cools and solidifies into the final tube shape.

LAGEEN TUBES offers injection-molded tubes made from LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP and various combinations of these materials. We start with the highest-grade plastic pellets. Using a controlled process, we produce high-quality tubes in a wide variety of diameters and sizes, with high-quality closures. Our modern equipment, efficient process, and vast production capacity enable fast time to market. 

Tubes produced by injection molding can be decorated using the full range of LAGEEN TUBES’ decoration options, including digital print, offset, flexography, silk screening, and hot stamping.



Decoration of tubes defines the product, creates retail appeal, and can be a major contributor to market success. It also plays an important role in strengthening brand identity.

LAGEEN TUBES offers an extensive array of decoration capabilities, all produced in-house. Over the years, we have developed deep expertise in prepress, printing, and decoration processes such as dry offset, silkscreen, flexography, and hot stamping. We are a pioneer in offering digital printing directly to tubes. With our state-of-the-art printing technologies and equipment, our capabilities are endless.

From the first design step until the delivery of your decorated tubes, we are committing to bringing your dream packaging to life.

It’s our mission and pleasure to help you develop new products, find the right packaging solutions, and make your products stand out on the shelf and in your customers’ minds.