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What Are the Benefits of Plastic Squeeze Tubes for Cosmetics Packaging?

Packaging plays a major role in the success of your products. It impacts customer engagement, production costs, logistics, and other vital areas of your business. Plastic squeeze tubes offer a versatile and cost-effective option that can provide a wide range of benefits for your operations.

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Plastic Squeeze Tubes Offer Lower Prices

Cost is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding on packaging for your products. You need to ensure that your quality and logistical needs are met without going over your budget. Cosmetics squeeze tubes can do just that.
Plastic tubes are significantly more affordable than many other options traditionally used in cosmetics, personal care, hair care, oral care, pharmaceuticals, and food sectors. Low material and production costs provide considerable savings over glass jars and bottles.
Squeeze tube pricing is preferable to many other types of plastic bottles and containers as well. With a range of different squeeze tubes available, LAGEEN TUBES can provide affordable packaging options without compromising on quality.

Squeeze Tubes Are a Versatile Packaging Option

Plastic squeeze tubes are among the most versatile packaging options available. First, they are available in an extensive range of sizes. This provides superior flexibility when offering samples or different size options for consumers, with tubes of essentially any volume available.
Squeeze tubes provide options for a variety of different heads that will fit the product and compound features in addition you can add different applicators to fit your product essence.
These applicators are a wonderful addition mainly for cosmetic products, such as creams, and make-up products that increase usage convenience, raise the luxury, and uniqueness of the product

LAGEEN TUBES Are an Environmentally Friendly Solution

Environmental impact is one area where our tubes truly shine. You can ensure that your product packaging is eco-friendly to do your part and include eco-friendly messaging in your branding.
LAGEEN TUBES provides a wide range of eco-friendly plastic squeeze tubes. Polyethylene squeeze tubes are fully recyclable and available in blends containing 50% post-consumer recycled food-grade and non-food-grade material. In addition, LAGEEN TUBES offers packaging tubes made entirely of recyclable polyethylene –the all tube (sleeve, head, and cap) are made of the same material so the whole tube can be recycled as a single unit, what’s makes them easier to recycle.
Sugarcane polyethylene goes even further to deliver sustainability, using renewable sugarcane resin as the raw material. Tubes are also available with a blend of sugarcane and post-consumer recycled in one tube.

Plastic Squeeze Tubes Are Durable, Safe, and Stable

One of the biggest sticking points that companies have when adopting sustainable packaging options is stability. You need a packaging option that remains 100% stable for the shelf life of your product and beyond, and plastic tubes can provide that.
Polyethylene is a stable material that provides excellent compatibility with consumer products, even specialty cosmetics. Even in post-consumer recycled blends, polyethylene shows the strength and durability necessary to provide for extended shelf life.

Squeeze Tubes Are a Hygienic, Long-Lasting, and Leak Proof Packaging Option

LAGEEN squeeze tubes provide an exceptional level of product protection. The tube and cap construction is sturdy and resistant to rough handling during transport and stocking. The secure lids prevent unintentional spills of your product.
The tube materials provide protection for the products within, including light and UV exposure protection. Your products remain safe from air, humidity, and other environmental factors that could impact product quality.
The latest Antimicrobial Tube Packaging from LAGEEN TUBES adds another layer of protection. The antimicrobial properties of the packaging are perfect for long-shelf-life products that may require additional protection from bacteria and other contaminants.

Tubes Are Easy to Transport and Handle Without Breaking

Transportation and logistics are vital areas of importance for your products. Plastic tubes are one of the easiest to transport options, with minimal risk of breaking, spills, or other incidents that could result in product loss.
Glass bottles and jars are prone to break during shipping and handling, potentially at a high cost, given that they often carry high-end cosmetics. Squeeze tubes are much safer and are even more break resistant than other types of hard plastic containers.

Customers Consider Squeeze Tubes to Be Convenient and Efficient

Ease of use is one of the main reasons why so many customers choose these tubes. They’re much easier to extract exactly the right amount of any product, and customers know this. Your customers don’t want to waste any compound more than necessary.
Customers also like the fact that tube packaging is small, lightweight, durable, and properly sealed so that you can take them with you anywhere without worrying that the product will spill, crack, or break.

Plastic Squeeze Tubes Provide an Outstanding Range of Quality Design Options

The design of your packaging plays a major role in its shelf appeal and overall success. Plastic squeeze tubes can provide an extensive range of high-quality design options with digital printing. Designs can cover the entire tube 360 degrees, along with seamless printing to the cap as well.
Additional design options can let you customize other features as well. You can choose the perfect texture for your tubes and customize cap color and other design elements that come together to define your branding.

Take Advantage of LAGEEN TUBES for Your Products

You can enjoy all of these benefits by choosing LAGEEN TUBES as your squeeze tube manufacturer. We provide a wide range of blends, including post-consumer recycled content and sustainability sugarcane polyethylene, all while delivering the strength and durability you need from your packaging.
Versatile design options let you reach your customers and provide them with a better experience. The latest digital printing technology provides seamless designs over the body and cap of your tubes, all in stunning color and photo-realistic detail.
Get started with LAGEEN TUBES to see just how much of a difference plastic squeeze tube packaging can make for your products.