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LAGEEN TUBES integrates the entire company and every aspect of our activities in our Corporate Social Responsibility policy: operations, products, employees, customers, and suppliers. We have developed and established a comprehensive set of sustainable business initiatives that facilitate our CSR approach. Our employees are actively engaged in all sustainability initiatives: pro bono service, community engagement, diversity, and environmental sustainability.ย 

We continuously strive to reduce utilization of natural resources, raw materials, and energy, minimize our impact on the environment, improve our product recycling, prevent health and safety incidents and accidents at work, research weight reduction and green materials, and more, according to the LAGEEN TUBES Environment Declaration:ย 

As a leading packaging producer, LAGEEN TUBES is committed to its employeesโ€™ safety and health, as well as that of the environment.

LAGEEN TUBES promotes safety, aiming to achieve zero accidents together with maintaining and protecting the environment.

The company has executed a management system for Safety, Health, and Environment Protection while adopting the principles and applications of the ISO 14001 and 18001 standards and complying with the law.


LAGEEN TUBES constantly monitors the safety, health, and environmental aspects of our production process. Providing infrastructure and resources, as well as protection and monitoring appliances, we strive to maintain a safe, healthy, and hygienic working area.


Regular prevention activities and surveys are run to minimize risks and accidents and prevent pollution.


Every manager is committed to and responsible for their direct employeesโ€™ safety, health, and working area. In turn, each worker is responsible for their own safety and health, the processes they control, and eliminating environmental and safety obstacles.


Each worker is obligated to report any accidents, near-accidents, obstacles, and infections to Safety and Environment Protection personnel and their direct superior, to allow corrective action and prevent reoccurrences.


Managers and employees are constantly working to improve our Health, Safety, and Environment Protection systems, increase efficiency and recycling, and reduce consumption of resources. Additionally, managers promote and support responsible behavior related to Safety, Health, and Environment Protection.


LAGEEN TUBES determines measurable targets for its Safety, Health, and Environment Protection systems. These targets are reviewed periodically and adjusted to current demands.


LAGEEN TUBES promotes and supports social activities to continuously improve team communication.


Manufacturing of our products is associated with costs and emissions. We take care of natural resources by optimizing our supply chain, production processes, and packaging lifecycle. We seek to understand the environmental impact of our business and how we can best protect the environment.


LAGEEN TUBES is a proud member of SEDEX โ€“ an organization that makes it simpler to do business thatโ€™s good for everyone.