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LAGEENTUBES’ SimScreen brings tube colors to life.

Transparent or colored tubes offer some great advantages, but

they have one major drawback:the limitations of offset ink typically require screen printing to achieve high-quality

color and color accuracy, which can add unwelcome costs.

LAGEENTUBES overcomes these challenges with its new SimScreen option. SimScreen can replace screen printing,

achieving the high opacity needed to produce accurate, vivid colors for any customized decoration on transparent or colored tubes.

Exceptional color quality at outstanding value.

Implemented as an inline station as part of LAGEENTUBES’ standard production line,

SimScreen provides exceptionally vivid and accurate colors and highly accurate matching to the original color reference.

The advanced solution mimics the excellent results of screen printing at a lower cost, without compromising color quality.

With SimScreen you get the same vividness on every transparent or colored tube, no matter the tube contents or color of the tube material.

Printed colors stay bright and accurate, without the additional cost of screen printing.

LAGEENTUBES solutions for packaging tube challenges achieve new levels of tube decoration.

Offering new opportunities for creative tube design, SimScreen is available as part of the LAGEENTUBES’ production capabilities in its new factory in Bulgaria.