Our Technologies


With almost 50 years of tube making experience, LAGEENTUBES uses the highest-quality tube making equipment, for the best efficiency, reliability and control.

The extruded tubes are manufactured, printed and capped in-line. Special decorations such as silk screen printing and hot stamping are done in a secondary process.

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Impact Extrusion

This procedure transforms the aluminum slug into the shape of a tube, in the required diameter and thread, while annealing the tube to be malleable. The inner coating acts as a barrier. It protects the contents from direct contact with the aluminum container. Hair dyes are the most aggressive materials, and thus a special lacquer is sprayed for them.

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Injection Molding

LAGEENTUBES is a market-driven company. We create value for our customers through operational excellence and innovation.
Being a market-driven company means LAGEENTUBES has in-house injection molding abilities, which provide high-quality closures and availability—enabling speedy lead times to market.

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Decoration defines the product, creates retail appeal and impacts success. LAGEENTUBES’ decoration capabilities are all in-house and up to date with state-of-the-art printing technology and equipment.

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