Impact Extrusion

Impact Extrusion

This procedure transforms the aluminum slug into the shape of a tube, in the required diameter and thread, while annealing the tube to be malleable. The inner coating acts as a barrier. It protects the contents from direct contact with the aluminum container. Hair dyes are the most aggressive materials, and thus a special lacquer is sprayed for them. The homogeneity of the layer is checked by an electric conductivity test, which takes a sample every hour.

The tube can be coated with various external base coats, achieving any desired tone. In some diameters, the head and the shoulders can be coated as well. LAGEENTUBES uses the “dry-offset” technique for printing up to 4 separat colors on top of the coating.

For some products, tubes require a fold sealant that acts as a barrier to prevent product seepage at the fold end of the tube as well as to prevent oxidation of the substance. A narrow strip of latex is sprayed inside the open end of the tube.

For capping, two different materials, high-density polyethylene or polypropylene, are used for cap material.